Why Heritage?

  • Experienced. We are a full service HSA custodian, and have been in this business since 1997 when MSAs first became available.
  • Responsive. We’ll have your HSA account opened within 24-48 hours.
  • Established. You’ll appreciate our HSA Checking product with all the “bells & whistles”. It provides easy access to a low cost HSA account with the added peace of mind that FDIC insurance delivers.
  • Expertise. You deserve more than a custodian. You deserve an experienced professional to answer your questions and help you navigate through the  HSA rules.
  • Stability. We’re a strong financial institution you can trust to be serving your HSA needs for the long-term
  • Commitment. At Heritage, you’ll find a team of professionals who genuinely care about providing excellent service to every customer.
  • Proven. We are a leader in the HSA field, serving individual and group HSA clients throughout the United States. We would enjoy working with you as well!
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Benefits of an HSA

Are you struggling with cost-prohibitive health insurance premiums? Trying to find a way to maintain a health insurance plan for yourself or your employees? An HSA may be the solution you’re looking for.

Here’s how a Health Savings Account solution works, step by step:

  1. Purchase a qualifying high deductible health plan. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium, thus keeping more money in your own pocket.
  2. Establish an HSA account with a qualified HSA custodian.
  3. Contribute up to 100% of the allowable contribution limit (set by the IRS annually) into the HSA account. Think of it as using the premium savings to fund your HSA.
  4. Get a federal tax deduction for your contribution, reducing your taxable income and again, keeping more in your own pocket.
  5. Use the money in your HSA account to pay for qualified medical expenses tax-free as you incur them, if you wish.
  6. What’s left at the end of the year stays in your HSA account (it’s your money), and can be used on future years’ medical expenses.

Looking at the “big picture” an HSA can revolutionize health care in that it puts the consumer (not the insurance company) back in the driver’s seat when it comes to purchasing health care services. The concept, of course, is that if the consumer will be paying for a medical product or service, they’ll only request it if it’s truly necessary, and they’ll first inquire as to the cost and/or less expensive comparable alternatives. Since they’ll be spending their own money, they’ll become wiser shoppers as they strive to use the dollars as efficiently as possible.

Heritage Bank HSA Features:

Heritage Bank is pleased to be able to offer you an HSA Checking account that will meet your needs—fair pricing, easy access to funds, and the latest technology to help you keep track of your growing HSA balances.

Some of the valuable benefits you get with the Heritage Bank HSA Checking Account include:

  • Unlimited access with HSA debit card or check with no transaction fees.
  • First debit card available at no charge1. Plus, no card renewal fees every few years.
  • One box of HSA checks free.
  • Monthly bank statements with images of your checks. Plus, you can even get secure e-statements at no cost. No more waiting on the mail or digging through piles of paper statements sitting around the house or office at year-end.
  • Earn interest on your HSA Checking balance so long as you keep at least $50 in the account.
  • Invest excess balances in an HSA Certificate of Deposit at market yields if you choose.
  • Utilize our free Internet, Telephone Banking, and Mobile Banking to access account information 24/7 for added convenience!
  • No need to send in claims or receipts. You keep EOBs, receipts, etc. in your own files substantiating all distributions from your HSA account in case you’re ever audited by the IRS.
  • As custodian, we report your contributions, fair market value, and distributions to the IRS each year.
  • All of this value for an affordable charge which rewards higher balances kept in your HSA Checking account.
  • The interest you earn on your HSA account is credited monthly. Depending on your HSA account balance and the rate environment, the interest you earn may even offset your service charge amount, making Heritage Bank’s HSA account more valuable.

1 With application and approval.

HSA Resources

  Individual Coverage Family Coverage Catch-Up
(age 55+)
2024 Contribution Limit $4,150 $8,300 $1,000
2025 Contribution Limit $4,300 $8,550 $1,000

Looking for more information on HSAs? Click on the links below to find answers to your questions.

U.S. Department of the Treasury US Department of The Treasury HSA Resource Center
IRS Publication 969/Health Savings Accounts Health Savings Accounts and other Tax-Favored Health Plans
IRS Publication 502 Medical and Dental Expenses (Including the Health Coverage Tax Credit)
Treasury Notice 2004-2 (12/22/03) Notice 2004-2 Guidance on Health Savings Accounts
Treasury Notice 2004-23 (3/30/04) Notice 2004-23 Provides a safe harbor for preventive care benefits
Treasury Notice 2004-25 (3/30/04) Notice 2004-25 Provides transition relief with respect to medical expenses incurred by eligible individuals
Treasury Notice 2003-38 (3/30/04) Rev. Rul. 2003-38 Clarifies rules for individuals covered by both prescription drug plans and HDHPs
Treasury Notice 2004-22 (3/30/04) Rev. Proc. 2004-22 Provides transition relief for individuals covered by both prescription drug plans and HDHPs
Treasury Notice 2004-45 (5/11/04) Rev. Rul 2004-45 Health Savings Accounts—Interaction with Other Health Arrangements
Treasury Notice 2004-43 (10/25/04 Notice 2004-43, providing transition relief for individuals in states where HDHPs are not available due to state laws
Treasury Notice 2004-50 (Originally issued 7/23/04; corrected version released 8/10/04) Notice 2004-50 – Part III – Administrative, Procedural, and Miscellaneous
Treasury Notice 2004-67 (9/9/04) Health Savings Accounts Guidance Clarification
Treasury Notice 2005-8 Partnership/S-Corp Contributions
Final Comparability Rules (7/31/06) Guidance on Employer Comparable Contributions
Treasury Notice 2005-86 HSAs & FSAs
Treasury Notice 2005-25 Contributions of Spouses
Treasury Notice 2007-22 Rollovers from FSA’s & HRA’s
MSA Form 8853 Form |  Instructions
HSA Form 8889/Tax Return Instructions Form  |  Instructions
Treasury Notice 2008-51 Full Contribution and Testing Period Rules
Treasury Notice 2008-52 Qualified Funding Distributions
Treasury Notice 2008-59 Guidance to Employers & Employees
Treasury Notice 2010-59
2011 OTC Medication Rule Changes
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