Debit Cards

Why carry cash or a clumsy checkbook when you can carry a Heritage Bank VISA Debit Card instead? It works just like a check by instantly withdrawing money from your checking account to pay for your purchases. Here are 10 great reasons why you’ll enjoy a Debit Card:

  1. Works worldwide wherever VISA is accepted.
  2. Use it as many times as you like … no transaction charges apply.
  3. Since you’ll use fewer paper checks, you’ll save money by reordering printed checks less frequently.
  4. Debit Cards are readily accepted out of town, unlike personal checks. Plus, there’s no need to produce ID like when you write a paper check.
  5. Heritage Bank debit cards are embedded with CHIP security.
  6. Debit Card doubles as an ATM card, so you can carry one piece of plastic in your wallet.
  7. Use your Debit Card for FREE at any Heritage Bank ATM to avoid foreign ATM charges.
  8. Debit Card transactions don’t count toward checking account per item charges.
  9. There is no cost to own a debit card. In fact, our Cash Back Banking Account, you can swipe your way to a free account! (Ask a bank employee for details).
  10. Carrying a Debit Card is much safer than carrying lots of cash.
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It’s easy to bank online! To use the Online Banking system, you must have a deposit account or loan with Heritage Bank. This FREE system operates in a very secure, encrypted environment to protect the confidentiality of your financial information. Enroll now! Then, we’ll mail you a login and password to allow you access to the system.

Before you know it you’ll be enjoying convenient 24/7 access to your finances, including the ability to:

  • View account balances
  • Research if a check has cleared
  • View account history
  • View or print images of checks and deposits
  • Retrieve bank statements
  • Download statement data into personal finance software
  • Pay bills online
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Transfer funds to other people (P2P) or to your account an another financial institution (A2A)
  • Request stop payments, wire transfers, reorder checks and more!

Online Banking Enrollment:

Within 5 to 10 days of submitting this form, you will receive a letter containing your login ID and a separate letter one to two days later containing your temporary password. Use this password, in conjunction with your Login ID, to log into Internet Banking. The first time you log in, you will be forced to change your password. Accounts with more than one authorized account owner will be issued one Login ID and password unless the account owners request separate Login IDs and passwords for each authorized Internet user.

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Online Bill Pay

Paying bills has never been easier or faster! Heritage Bank’s Bill Pay service will help take the pain out of paying those monthly household or business expenses. Many customers are already enjoying the convenience of logging on to our Internet Banking System and using this service. Pay all of your bills in only a matter of a few minutes!

Heritage Bank’s “Bill Pay” service does most of the work for you. Just submit the information that we need in order to make the payment for you. The rest of the work is up to us. Include the payee’s name, address, account or invoice number and dollar amount of the payment, and we’ll make sure the payment is made quickly and accurately. You choose which of your Heritage Bank checking accounts that you wish to make the payment from. Make either single payments or even set up “reoccurring” bill payments. If you have a payment that needs to be made once a month for the same amount, maybe your mortgage payment, set it up once and we’ll take care of it each month. In addition, you can also now pay your bills via Mobile Banking.

Bill Payment is now a “free” service for ALL checking accounts. Consider the time, postage and printed check savings then enroll in Bill Pay today!

Online and Mobile Bill Pay FAQ

Bill Pay is the secure, convenient, free and guaranteed way to use the Internet, a mobile device, and your Heritage Bank checking account to make a payment to virtually anyone. Use your Online Bill Pay to:

  • Make one-time payments
  • Schedule recurring payments
  • Update or cancel payments
  • Create reports of your payment history
  • Receive e-mail notifications regarding your payments

The Heritage Bank Online Guarantee* provides you with some of the strongest liability and Online Bill Pay protection available.

  • Zero liability: You’re not responsible for unauthorized online transactions, including bill payments, when reported promptly.
  • Bill Payment Promise: Your bill payments will be sent accurately and on-time or we’ll refund your late charges.
  • Security Commitment: We will protect your transactions when you’re banking and paying bills online.
  • Privacy Protection: Your privacy and personal information will remain confidential.

*For personal Heritage Bank Online Banking Bill Pay customers only. To preserve your rights under the Heritage Bank Online Guarantee, you must follow the guidelines for properly submitting bill payments, protecting your confidential account information and reporting unauthorized transactions as set forth in the Heritage Bank Service Agreement for Online Banking.

It’s as easy as going to the Heritage Bank website, logging into Online Banking,  clicking “BILL PAY” and following the step-by-step enrollment process.

Once enrolled in Bill Pay, it’s easy to get started by following these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Bill Pay
  2. Add a payee – Have a bill ready to reference your account number and address information
  3. Make a payment – Once a payee has been added, you can start making payments immediately

Payees are the businesses and individuals you wish to make payments to through Online Bill Pay. You create a list of your own payees by using the ‘Add a Payee’ feature. You can add payees such as utilities, department stores, credit card companies and other businesses. You can also add individual payees such as your daycare provider, your doctor or a relative.

Heritage Bank is committed to protecting your personal information. Strict policies and procedures are in place to ensure your account information is kept confidential. Only authorized signers can access account information. Every effort is made to protect our customers from fraud. We will never initiate a request for sensitive information from you via e-mail, such as a Social Security number, login/user ID, password, PIN or account number. If you receive an e-mail that requests this type of sensitive information, you should be suspicious of it. NEVER share your login/user ID, password, PIN or account number with anyone via e-mail.

You can pay almost any business or individual that you currently pay by check: your phone bill, loan payments, insurance, credit cards, even your dentist or child care center.

There is no limit to the number of bills you can pay. In fact, the more bills you pay, the more money you save on mailing costs.

Mobile Banking

Bank anywhere, anytime right from your mobile phone

Enjoy banking at your fingertips with Heritage Bank Mobile Banking. You can bank the way that’s most convenient for you: Text Banking, Mobile Web Banking, or Mobile Apps. Best of all, it’s FREE!*

*(please check with your mobile provider for details on specific fees and charges that may apply to sending and receiving text messages or web browser usage on your device)

closeup of a young man using a smartphone in a natural landscape, with a grove of almond trees in full bloom in the background

Mobile Apps

Enjoy easy access to Heritage Bank Mobile Banking from your smartphone or tablet.


To use our Free Mobile Banking Apps, you must first be enrolled in Internet Banking.


iPhones can download the Heritage Bank App from the Apple App store by searching for “Heritage Bank Nebraska” and selecting the green Heritage Bank logo.


Android phones can download the App from the Google Play store by searching for “HB Mobile” and selecting the Heritage Bank logo

Mobile Web Banking


Using the Web Browser right on your phone you can check account balances, transfer money and locate ATMs and branch locations. Your login username and password will be the same as your Internet Banking credentials. After enrolling in our Internet Banking, you will use the links located at the top right of each page titled “Online Banking Login” and “Cash Management Login.”


Text Banking


Accessing your accounts couldn’t be easier. There’s no need for a fancy, expensive phone to use Mobile Banking. If you can send a text message, you can request information about balances, recent transactions and transfer funds. We’ll send you a text message with up-to-date account details. To enroll in Text Banking, you must be a registered Internet Banking customer. To get started, text: 81456.

Text Banking Enrollment

Click on Enroll.

Click on Add Number.

Enter your Mobile Phone Number and select your Cell Phone Carrier from the drop-down menu.

Read the Terms and Conditions and select “Yes” and “I Agree” to the terms and conditions.

Enter a Mobile Security Key, this key will be sent to you with the information you request from Text Banking to verify its authenticity.

Mobile Text Banking will send a “Mobile Confirmation Code” by text to your cell phone. Please enter the enrollment code received on your cell phone and Confirm.

You have now successfully registered your phone for Mobile Text Message Banking.

Mobile Banking FAQ

  • Already an Internet Banking user? Great! You will use your same login credentials as you would in Internet Banking.
  • Not an Internet Banking user? Enroll today!

Yes, Heritage Bank supports nearly all devices, plus you’ll have the choice between web banking, text banking (best for phones with limited Internet service), and mobile apps.

Although Heritage Bank doesn’t charge for Mobile Banking, your mobile phone carrier may charge for text messages and/or web access. Please check your wireless plan for details.

Mobile Banking is designed to protect your identity, just like Internet Banking. No confidential information is stored on your cell phone, and if your phone is lost, you can disable mobile banking. Log on to Internet Banking to turn the service off or call us from a nearby phone and we will disable the service until you get a new phone.

Text Banking provides a quick and easy way to request and receive information by text message, without needing Internet access on your phone. You will have up-to-date account information within seconds. On the other hand, Mobile Web Banking gives you the flexibility of having on-the-go access to most Internet Banking functions and quick access to Heritage Bank branch and ATM locations.

You can rest easy knowing that your transactions are secure when using Mobile Banking. Heritage Bank uses the same security technology that we use for Internet Banking

Telephone Banking

With Heritage Bank’s Telephone Banking system, you can access your account information from any touch-tone phone and get instant answers to the most common daily banking questions and tasks even during non-banking hours.

The toll-free telephone banking line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience from virtually anywhere. Just call 1-877-694-6948.

Voice Banking Enrollment Instructions

If this is your first time calling – you will have to enroll in the system by pressing the star (*) key.


  • For Balances or transaction history press “1”
  • Or  Transfers press “2”
  • For more options press “5”

First time calling menu for enrolling in the system:

Please key in your user ID SSN or TIN (If you need a moment to find it press the # key)

Please key in your PIN code Last four digits of the SSN/TIN (this is for first time use only)

Please key in the 10 digit phone number you will usually call from.

If you do not begin entering your phone number you will hear:   Starting with the area code, key in the 10 digit phone number you will usually call from.

Is this number your:

  • Cell press “1”
  • Home press “2”
  • Work press “3

If you would like to register another phone number please press “1”

(You may repeat the process to register three phone numbers: cell, home, and work.)

Set your security questions and answers.  The answers will need to be entered using the telephone number pad.  Dates are two digits for month, two digits for day, and four digits for year.

You will need to choose three (3) of the following challenge questions.  The system will prompt you to set up your first question and answer, then your second question and answer – followed by third question and answer

  • To use your oldest sibling’s birthday as a challenge question press 1
  • Your youngest sibling’s birthday press 2
  • The number of grandchildren you have press 3
  • The last four digits of your childhood phone number press 4
  • The age you were on your first date press 5
  • The number of pets you had before you were ten press 6
  • The numeric street address of your childhood home press 7
  • The number of schools you attended press 8
  • Your anniversary press 9

Personalized Message – you can create (1) a personalized message or your name or choose from a prerecorded list (2)   Confirm personalized message (yes – 1, no – 2) Enter your PIN code (needs to be different from your first time use PIN.  This is the PIN you will use in the future to access your account.)

Electronic Statements

Email Statements

Benefits of Email statements:

  • Identical to your paper statement, including images of checks and deposits
  • Delivered instantly the day your statement cycles—online instead of through the mail
  • Monthly email notification of your statement availability
  • Click, view and save to your computer safely and securely
  • Print when you need a hard copy
  • No more hassles of filing and storing monthly bank statements
  • Absolutely FREE—great for the environment, too!

CD ROM Statements

Benefits of CD ROM statements:

  • Available monthly (most beneficial for large corporate customers) or year-in-review
  • Includes your bank statement, checks, deposit slips, and deposited items
  • Complete research, including images of checks deposited, at your home or office computer
  • Replace that thick binder of paper statements and images with one small CD-ROM

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