(Up to 3 Logins can be enrolled for E-Statements)

With your completion of the E-Statement Enrollment, all Checking Account Statements associated to your Heritage Bank Internet Banking Log-In will be converted to an E-Statement. To enroll for E-Statements, you must be able to view a PDF file. Click HERE for the file.
If you have problems viewing the file, you may not have Adobe Reader on your computer. You may download it HERE, free. Any additional problems, please call Heritage Bank Tech Support at 888-554-5499 ext. 229.
I understand and agree to the terms and conditions of e-statements described. Enrollment of one joint account holder will serve as an enrollment on behalf of all account holders. This enrollment will be binding until revoked in writing by me. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify Heritage Bank of any changes in my e-mail address so that statements can continue to be delivered to me successfully. I have read and accept the instructions for receiving my account statements.(Required)
Please read and check the box above.

Enrolling in E-Statements means that you will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail from us. The benefits of E-Statements include immediate receipt of your monthly bank statements, no waiting for mail delivery, no paper clutter around the house or office, and fewer environmental resources wasted in the communication of your statement data each month. It is imperative that you notify us promptly if your email address changes. If you change your mind about E-Statements, you may unenroll from this service at any time without incurring any fees to do so. Simply contact your favorite Heritage Banker and ask to return to paper statements. Rest assured that statements are delivered through a secure environment. While you will receive a monthly email indicating that your E-Statement is ready to be retrieved, the actual statement is not transmitted as an email attachment. You will be given a link to the Heritage Bank Internet Banking website. Once you have logged in, you will be able to download your statement by clicking on the "History" tab followed by the "Statements" tab. If you need assistance, please call Heritage Bank's Technology Department at 888-554-5499 extension 229. We strongly recommend that you review your bank statement promptly each month so that you can notify us in case of any errors or unauthorized activity on your account. However, your E-Statements will remain available on our server for 18 months, after which time they will disappear. This gives you ample opportunity to save those statements to your own computer for permanent retention. If you ever need a printout of your statement, you can simply print it to your own printer or you may ask us for a complimentary printout.
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